Yuanhao Wang

MS/PhD Student, KAUST Visual Computing Center

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Bldg. 1, 2204-WS11, Thuwal, 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia.
yuanhao.wang [at] kaust.edu.sa

Degrees History: B.S., Communication Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2013); M.S., Integrated Circuits Engineering, Tsinghua University (2016); KAUST (2017).

Research Interests:Computational Imaging, Computational Photography, 3D Reconstruction.

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Recent Publications:

Y. Wang, R. Idoughi, W. Heidrich:
Learning Adaptive Tensorial Density Fields for Clean Cryo-EM Reconstruction
NeurIPS, 2023
Project page
Y. Wang, R. Idoughi, D. Rückert, R. Li, W. Heidrich:
Adaptive Differentiable Grids for Cryo-Electron Tomography Reconstruction and Denoising
Bioinformatics Advances, 2023
Project page
R. Li, D. Rückert, Y. Wang, R. Idoughi, W. Heidrich:
Neural Adaptive Scene Tracing (NAScenT)
VMV, 2022
Project page
G. Qian*, Y. Wang*, J. Gu, C. Dong, W. Heidrich, B. Ghanem,, J. Ren:
Rethinking Learning-based Demosaicing, Denoising, and Super-Resolution Pipeline
ICCP, 2022
Y. Wang, R. Idoughi, W. Heidrich:
Joint Motion-Correction and Reconstruction in Cryo-EM Tomography
ICIP, 2022
Project page
D. Rückert, Y. Wang, R. Li, R. Idoughi, W. Heidrich:
NeAT-Neural Adaptive Tomography
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 2022
Project page
Y. Wang, R. Idoughi, W. Heidrich:
Stereo Event-based Particle Tracking Velocimetry for 3D Fluid Flow Reconstruction
ECCV, 2020
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