Join Us

at the Computational Imaging Group

Background and Required Expertise

We are constantly seeking new students and research staff to join the Computational Imaging Group at the KAUST VCC. The research activities are highly multi-disciplinary and hence opportunities exist on a regular basis for highly motivated and skilled individuals with a strong background in one or more of the following research areas:

Student Internships

Our group offers internship opportunities for both Saudi and international students at the undergraduate and graduate level. Candidates should be enrolled in a program related to the research activities listed above, and graduate students should already be involved in relevant research activities at their home institution.

If you are interested in an internship, please contact Prof. Wolfgang Heidrich by email. You might also be interested in KAUST’s formal internship programs.

Note: the summer months (mid-June to mid-August) are a very active conference season, so many members of our group travel frequently in this time frame. Internships should preferably take place outside this time.

Graduate Studies

KAUST offers degree programs at the PhD, MS/PhD, and MS level. Of particular interest for the Computational Imaging Group are the degrees in the CEMSE division.

Important: all applications must be made through the official application web page, and need to be submitted within the application deadlines. That said, if you intend to join the Computational Imaging Group, you should also send an introductory email with your materials to Prof. Wolfgang Heidrich.

Beyond the formal requirements for KAUST admissions, to join the group we require very good programming and math skills as well as demonstrated coursework and other experience in some of the research topics listed above. Prior research publications are required for direct admission into the PhD program.

The KAUST admissions process is highly competitive, and even if all the above minimal criteria are satisfied, admission into the program is not guaranteed.

Post Docs and Research Scientists

The group regularly has openings for research staff at both the PostDoc or Research Engineer / Research Scientist level. These positions require a strong background in one or more of the above research topics, as well as an excellent publication record.

Inquiries about open positions should be directed to Prof. Wolfgang Heidrich by email.