Ni Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow, KAUST Visual Computing Center

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Bldg. 1, 2204-CU03, Thuwal, 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia.

Degrees History: B.S., Software Engineering, Harbin Institute Technology University (2008); M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Chungbuk National University (2010); Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University (2014).

Research Interests: Computational Optical Imaging and Display.

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Other Selected Publications

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Sectional hologram reconstruction through complex deconvolution
Ni Chen*, Edmund Y. Lam, T. -C. Poon, and Byoungho Lee.
Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 127(2020):125945, 2019.

3D imaging based on depth measurement technologies
Ni Chen, Chao Zuo, Edmund Y. Lam, and Byoungho Lee*.
Sensors, 18(11):3711, Oct. 2018.

Fast and robust misalignment correction of Fourier ptychographic microscopy for full field of view reconstruction.
Ao Zhou, Wei Wang, Ni Chen*, Edmund Y. Lam, Byoungho Lee, and Guohai Situ.
Optics Express, 26(18):23661-23674, Aug. 2018.

Analysis of Fourier ptychographic microscopy with half of the captured images.
Ao Zhou, Ni Chen*, Haichao Wang, and Guohai Situ.
Journal of Optics, 20(9):95701, Jul. 2018.

Fast and high-resolution light field acquisition using defocus modulation
Haichao Wang, Ni Chen*, Shanshan Zheng, Jingdan Liu, and Guohai Situ
Applied Optics, 57(1):A250–A256, Jan. 2018.

Analysis of the noise in back-projection light field acquisition and its optimization
Ni Chen*, Zhenbo Ren, Dayan Li, Edmund Y. Lam, and Guohai Situ
Applied Optics, 57(1):A250–A256, Jan. 2018.

High resolution Fourier hologram synthesis from photographic images through computing the light field
Ni Chen, Zhenbo Ren, and Edmund Y. Lam*
Applied Optics, 55(7):1751–1756, Mar. 2016.

Resolution enhancement of optical scanning holography with a spiral modulated point spread function
Ni Chen, Zhenbo Ren, Haiyan Ou, and Edmund Y. Lam*
Photonics Research, 4(1):1–6, Feb. 2016.

Fast-Converging Algorithm for Wavefront Reconstruction based on a Sequence of Diffracted Intensity Images
Ni Chen, Jiwoon Yeom, Keehoon Hong, Gang Li, and Byoungho Lee*
Journal of the Optical Society of Korea, 18(3):217-224, Jun. 2014.

Resolution comparison between integral-imaging-based hologram synthesis methods using rectangular and hexagonal lens arrays
Ni Chen, Jiwoon Yeom, Jae-Hyun Jung, Jae-Hyeung Park, and Byoungho Lee*
Optics Express, 19(27):26917–26927, Dec. 2011.

Parameter analysis of integral Fourier hologram and its resolution enhancement
Ni Chen, Jae-Hyeung Park*, and Nam Kim
Optics Express, 18(3):2152–2167, Jan. 2010.