Physics-based Holo-Net for three-dimensional imaging

Ni Chen*, Yuqi Li*, Wolfgang Heidrich
3D Image Acquisition and Display: Technology, Perception and Applications, 2020

The scheme of the in-line holography system, (b) The results of the proposed method, and (c) the PBHolo-Net scheme. Here the input of the network is the captured holography image; the output is the restored 3D data; oi denotes the restored 3D object of the i-th stage; and vi denotes the auxiliary variable in the i-th stage.


We propose a physics-based holographic network (PBHolo-Net) for threedimensional imaging. Due to the involvement of the wavefield propagation, the network is efficient, stable, and can perform more precise hologram reconstruction.


paper          [Chen2020DH.pdf (3MB)] 
Note: This is a failure trying on the holographic 3D imaging, please refer here for another sophisticated implementation.