Modeling Classical Wavefront Sensors

Congli Wang, Qiang Fu, Xiong Dun, Wolfgang Heidrich
Optics Express (Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging 2019 Feature Issue)

Figure: Experimental results with the proposed model.



We present an image formation model for deterministic phase retrieval in propagation-based wavefront sensing, unifying analysis for classical wavefront sensors such as Shack-Hartmann (slopes tracking) and curvature sensors (based on Transport-of-Intensity Equation). We show how this model generalizes commonly seen formulas, including Transport-of-Intensity Equation, from small distances and beyond. Using this model, we analyze theoretically achievable lateral wavefront resolution in propagation-based deterministic wavefront sensing. Finally, via a prototype masked wavefront sensor, we show simultaneous bright field and phase imaging numerically recovered in real-time from a single-shot measurement.


paper [Wang2020TWS.pdf (3.9MB)]