Biswarup Choudhury

Research Scientist, KAUST Visual Computing Center

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Bldg. 1, Rm 2209, Thuwal, 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia.
Tel: +966.012.808.0615;

Degrees: BTech Computer Science Engineering, Burdwan University (2003); PhD Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay(2009).

Employment History: Senior Engineer, Samsung Electronics, Suwon, S. Korea (2011-2014); Member of Research Staff, ETRI, Daejeon, S. Korea (2009-2011).

Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Computer vision, Machine learning, and numerical optimization.

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Recent Publications :

B. Choudhury, R. Swanson, F. Heide, G. Wetzstein, W. Heidrich:
Consensus Convolutional Sparse Coding
ICCV, 2017
Project page
M. Li, R. Idoughi, B. Choudhury, W. Heidrich:
Statistical model for OCT image denoising
Biomedical Optics Express, 2017
Project page

Past Publications:
  1. A Survey of Image-based Relighting Techniques,
    Biswarup Choudhury, Sharat Chandran.
    Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting, Volume 4.2007, No. 7

  2. Efficient Image Updates Using Light Fields
    Biswarup Choudhury, Aviral Pandey, Sharat Chandran.
    Pattern Recognition Letters, Elsevier (Volume 28, Issue 3, pp. 375-383)

  3. Image based Animation
    Biswarup Choudhury, Ambareesha Raghothaman, Sharat Chandran.
    Eurographics WSCG 2011

  4. Realtime Rain Simulation using Color-Space Environment Matting
    Biswarup Choudhury, Pisith Hao, Sharat Chandran.
    ACM SIGGRAPH 2009.

  5. Fast Color-Space Decomposition based Environment Matting
    Biswarup Choudhury, Deepali Singla, Sharat Chandran.
    ACM SIGGRAPH i3D 2008 [Best Poster (Honorable Mention)]

  6. Data-intensive image based relighting
    Biswarup Choudhury, Sharat Chandran.

  7. Real-time Camera Walks Using Light Fields
    Biswarup Choudhury, Deepali Singla, Sharat Chandran.
    ICVGIP 2006 [LNCS]

  8. A Survey of Image-based Relighting Techniques
    Biswarup Choudhury, Sharat Chandran.
    GRAPP 2006

  9. Efficient Light Field Based CameraWalk
    Aviral Pandey, Biswarup Choudhury, Sharat Chandran.
    ICVGIP 2004